Audio Branding that is heard worldwide.

With 15 years experience in Radio and Audio Branding, our work has been heard on media throughout the world.


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ZAVA MEDIA is a Creative Audio Agency based in Dublin, Ireland.

Established in 2011, we have created brands for Media Companies all across the world. Currently, our audio is heard by millions worldwide.

Radio Imaging.

Radio Imaging is the audio form of a logo. It defines your brand and sets the tone for your service. We have bee crafting Radio Imaging for more than twelve years!

Sonic Branding.

Sonic Branding encompasses Jingles and Sonic Logos, these help make your brand stand out, with instantly recognisable melodies and hooks. We have worked with brands worldwide in creating something new!

Audio Content.

Using audio to promote appointment-to-listen can forward-sell your offering in a new and unique way. We use Audio Content in various forms to create a package to be remembered.

Our Clients

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Zava Media provides creatives of all levels and backgrounds, experiences that can help propel their ideas forward. We’re here to connect them with world changing thinkers and leaders in the creative industry, and help reignite their passion for audio.

Denzil Lacey is the Founder and CEO at Zava Media.

He has been involved in Radio and Radio Imaging for the past fifteen years. He has worked for some of the biggest Radio Stations and Media Companies in Ireland including RTÉ, FM104 and SPIN.

Denzil Lacey
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We have partnered with our publishers to create off-the-shelf albums to help Radio Stations and Audio Brands create world-leading content.

Creative Audio

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