zFX Cinema

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zFX Cinema is finally here!

We have built the ultimate toolkit for Film Producers and Imaging Producers alike. This package has been hand-crafted with both in mind and can be used in almost any audio piece.

The beauty of this new package is that each element is available in a wide variety of tempos (by bpm) so you can drop them into your DAW and craft something that sounds simply beautiful.

Over 200 elements spanning from massive Impacts, Quick Impacts, Swooshes, Hits, Athmos effects all carefully mastered with your style and sound in mind.


zFX Cinema contains over 200 elements!

3x Athmos SFX
17x Hits
100x Impacts
40x Quick Impacts
45x Swooshes

Format: WAV Lossless (48000khz 24Bit)


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