It may have been a horrible year for celebrity deaths with some of my favourites such as Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Victoria Wood, David Bowie, Glen Frey and countless others who have shaped the world for billions of people worldwide. However, as I look back at 2016, it was a really positive period of my life and I wanted to look back at those career highs.

Radio Imaging progresses every year or often even more frequent than that. I personally believe Imaging is at an all time high worldwide – high standards, new techniques. Once again, I think Central Europe is still dominating Radio Imaging with some serious talent out there – I am referring to people like Christian Troitzsch of 89.0 RTL, Steph Jansen of SLAM! and without forgetting the talented teams of producers in NRJ and Radio 538.
This article is whopper and if you are not a Radio or Imaging person, you may get bored half way down, but I cover a lot of stuff that might be interesting or useful to someone out there!

A lot has happened for me over the year and I outline some of them below:

The Imaging Days 2016Denzil Lacey RTE 2FM

Taken from the article “

The biggest highlight of my career to date, getting to speak at the world’s only dedicated Imaging Confernce in Holland.

I got a message from Anthony via DM on Twitter asking if I was the person making the Imaging he was hearing from SPIN South West on Soundcloud. It was and he was very impressed. He then asked if I would like to open up The Imaging Days 2016 and I did just that.

Along with that I got to meet some of the most talented Imaging Producers, Voiceover Talent, Production People and a hell of a lot more. Below I mention some of the guys who I remain friends with and now nerd out quite a bit.

Christian Troitzsch – The extremely talented Imaging Producer from 89.0 RTL. His stuff kicks ass

Staxx Williams – Creative Services Director with Z100. His scripting and ideas are mind blowing. Creative genius.

Bryan Apple – The nicest person who you could meet and the incredibly talented Producer with Rockstar Games (GTA etc.)

Nik Smon – Where do I start? Mind blowing beatmixes. It’s now wonder he’s called Dr. Beatmix.

Adam Burgess/Tom Cross – The guys behind the amazing Imaging Blueprint service. Top guys and A1 work.
Oli Pengilly – Former Reelworld Producer and now kicking ass freelance. Also the most London person you could meet!

Amazing experience and so many other top class Producers and people in the one room for two days. It felt like more than that but I even changed my early flight to a later one for €190.00 just to see Dave Foxx’s second day!

Meeting Dave Foxx – The Godfather of Radio Imaging and Voiceover

Taken from the RadioToday article “Imaging Days 2016 features the cream of Irish Imaging Producers
Everyone working in Radio Imaging and Radio itself will have heard of Dave Foxx. Dave Foxx imaged Z100 New York for thirty years. He has also been the iconic voice of the station for many years and still remains. I have talked to Dave on a number of occasions on Facebook and Twitter but nothing came close to meeting him this year and just nerd out. He also name dropped me twice in his opening speech, which almost had me in tears.

“I got here for Denzil Lacey’s session this morning. I’ve been a big fan of his work for quite a while” – Dave Foxx

I mean, you could not make this stuff up. There were over 200 people at The Imaging Days who heard that line.

Ryan Drean Producer’s Podcast

Taken from the article “Denzil Lacey on Ryan Drean PodcastDenzil Lacey on Ryan Drean Podcast

The Ryan Drean Producer’s Podcast has been something i’ve been listening to and admiring for so many years, so to get a message asking if I would like to be featured on it, was an absolute honour. The podcast came just a little before I was set to speak at The Imaging Days 2016.

Listen to the Podcast here.

Quote from Ryan Drean below:

“Today we hear from the new Imaging Producer at RTE 2FM (Ireland).This is the new National CHR station and it kicks some serious ass thanks to our guest, Denzil Lacey. He has some fun stories about “Illegal Radio” or Pirate Radio from when he was a kid.  He has radio in his blood and actually started his career at the age of 2, kinda.  We discuss the team, the environment at a large media campus, his panel at The Imaging Days and a whole lot of really nerdy audio and computer stuff.”

Benztown Branding Blog Interview

Taken from the article “Denzil on Benztown Branding Blog

Great to be featured on Benztown Branding’s Blog where i discussed my workflows and work with SPIN South West.

Leaving SPIN for Dublin

SPIN South West | Denzil Lacey - www.denzillacey.comLet’s face it, it’s never easy leaving your home city or town for somewhere new. I did that in September 2015, when I joined SPIN South West as Production Manager. I loved SPIN – young, bubbly station with some great people who were all around my age. Limerick is a lovely City and gets a bad rep from it’s past in the 70s and 80s, but it has really cleaned up it’s act and now stands as one of my favourite counties in Ireland.

I left SPIN in June 2016 for RTÉ 2fm, which was the best decision I had ever made. Why? Check out my article “Respect the talent

I listen into SPIN South West every now and then to see what the Imaging is like and believe it or not, six months later – all my TOHs, Sweepers, Beds and some Power Intros are still on air. I cringe now, but still nice to hear your work still being used.

RTÉ 2fm

RTÉ 2fm LogoTaken from the article “2FM Branded Intros – September 2016

What an honour to work at Ireland’s National CHR Radio Brand, RTÉ 2fm for seven months. I was brought in as the lead Imaging Producer for 2FM which was big for me as 2fm was Ireland’s first ever CHR/Mainstream brand (Est. 1979)

This is where I learned harmonics and musical Imaging which I will carry on, develop and improve upon in years to come. You can hear some of my latest 2fm Imaging via Soundcloud or below.

2fm has had a tough few years since the death of Gerry Ryan, but I think it’s turning a corner and they will see some increase over the next year. It’s a great station to be part of, a big team, some great talent and a good buzz about the place.

I also got to work with two great people within the Production Team, Lisa Dignam who is former SPIN 1038 Production Manager – who I met six years ago at a conference and the very talented Shane Freeman – who worked at SPIN South West two years prior to me. A great production team, great fun and lots of hard work done.

I will always remember my last project in 2fm, which was with Cormac Battle. We sat down for two-three hours and put together a Gavin James Special for over Christmas. I think the content here makes it PPI and New York Awards potential for next year and I hope it gets a nod.


Taken from the article “Denzil Lacey swaps 2fm production for FM104FM104
Also covered on RadioToday “Denzil Lacey swaps 2fm production for FM104

It was announced a few weeks ago that I will be making the move from RTÉ 2fm to FM104. It’s a nice transition and I am currently on extended holidays until I start the position on January 10th 2017.

Why the move?

“I wasn’t employed by RTE or 2fm for that matter. I was simply a “supplier” with no contract or end date. That isn’t too secure is it? When the news broke about RTE cutting costs with it’s Children’s Programming, it just got me thinking that anyone could be next and that they’d be looking at every expense throughout the organisation. So, with that in mind, I got a call from FM104 asking if I would be interested in taking on the role of Production Manager of FM104. Of course, I was interested and wanted to meet. So, I did and here we are! Good timing or what?”

Also this year, I have received a lot of demos and production to feedback on. I would love to continue this in 2017 as I believe that it’s so important to get feedback on work from someone in the industry. Earlier this year, I launched a feedback service on my site. It can be found here.

Let’s make 2017 a great year. Let’s be creative and always push the boundaries. If you are not in the bizz yet and you are dying to get into it (like I was) then keep up the work, practice and get advice from people in Radio. It will pay off for you. It might be a few months or even a few years, but it will be worth it once you get that call.

I am so grateful yet again for all the amazing people I got to spend time with (especially at The Imaging Days) and I am really looking forward to a positive 2017 with my new position as Production Manager at FM104.

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