Classic Hits 4FM is a multi-city Radio Station broadcasting to Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Clare in Ireland. The station currently has around a quarter of a million listeners a week.

We worked closely with Classic Hits 4fm and successfully branded it from 2013 until 2015, when we moved onto further projects including SPIN South West in Limerick.

For the Classic Hits 4fm Imaging to work on-air, we had to bring things back to basics – with a nice, warm, crisp and elegant sound. The Sound also needed a point of difference (P.O.D) in such a crowded Dublin market using American voices and similar production techniques. We decided to opt for a main Scottish Voiceover along with our S&P voice, Siobhan – would worked in harmony and made a kick ass classic hits sound.

We also ensured we were contemporary by using music, sound design and elements that were a bit hotter than the music we would play normally – the reasoning being that Focus Groups had said that our listeners are young, vibrant and up on current trends in pop culture and the media.

Have a listen to the work we created, which had also been shortlisted for numerous awards internationally.



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