Radio Branding Day 2018
Zava Media's Denzil Lacey at Radio Branding Day 2018 in association with WOW Radio Branding, Berlin.
Radio Branding Day 2018

It was such an honour and a privilege to be asked to speak at “Radio Branding Day 2018” – the first event of it’s kind the hit Germany and run by the amazing guys at WOW Radio Branding.

It was great to be reunited with two of my good friends┬áChristian Troitzsch, Oli Pengilly and Nik ┼ámon. It was also great to finally meet the team at WOW – Christopher Finke and more.

…Audiobranding and sound design at European top level

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I kicked off the day by opening up sessions, plugins and demonstrating my work with FM104, Dublin’s Q102 and SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution Channel. It was amazing to be with such a small intimate group!

Oli was up next and he demonstrated his amazing work for KISSFM in London. His sessions are big and pack a serious punch. Oli’s work is just world class.

Christian and the guys are WOW Radio Branding demonstrated their creative Power Intros that incorporate Sing Overs and Sonic Logos. Their stuff is amazing and I expect we will be hearing a lot more from WOW over the coming year.

Nik’s session was just mind blowing (Just like The Imaging Days 2016) and he works purely with Ableton Live which is rare but he knows better than anyone and the sound is tops.

There was lots of Question and Answer Sessions and I personally picked up some amazing tips from all the sessions. Conferences and One-On-One sessions are really the only way to expand your bag of tricks and mind. I cannot wait for to hear about the next event and thank you to the guys for looking after us so well.

Read more about WOW Radio Branding here!

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